Airbus acronym list

ABN – Abnormal ACARS – ARINC Communications and Reporting System ACM – Air Cycle Machine ACP – Audio Control Panel ACT – Additional Center Tank ADIRS – Air Data Inertial Reference System ADIRU – Air Data Inertial Reference Unit ADM – Air Data Module ADR – Air Data Reference ADV – Advisory AEVC – Avionics […]

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Boeing acronym list

A/C Air Conditioning A/C Aircraft A/R Altitude Rate ACARS ARINC Communications Addressing and Reporting System ACE Actuator Control Electronics ACESS Advance Cabin Entertainment and Service System ACM Air Cycle Machine ACMP Alternating Current Motor Pump (See also ACMP) ACMS Airplane Conditioning Monitoring System ACP Audio Control Panel ADF Automatic Direction Finder ADI Attitude Director Indicator […]

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Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Version Codes

L(Lockheed) 1011 (model) 385 (something to do with the design number) 1(subtype, 1 for standard body, 3 for the 500) 14 (version, not on Tristar 1 or 500, 11=Tristar 50, 14=100/150, 15=200) 193A (customer code, 193A=Eastern, 193B=Eastern 193C= British Airways, 193E=Air Canada, 193K=Court Line, 193R=LTU, etc). L-1011-1: basic model, with RB 211-22B, max gross weight […]

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Boeing Customer Codes

Boeing version codes use the last two characters to identify the initial customer. For example 747-412 refers to a 747-400 ordered by Singapore Airlines. If the aircraft subsequently changes hands, or if another customer takes over the aircraft order after assembly has started, it retains the same code. 01 Piedmont 02 Northern Consolidated / Wien […]

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DC-9/MD-80 version codes

McDonnell Douglas nomenclature referred to aircraft families within a type as “Series”. For example, “Series 10”. Within the series were specific versions. DC-9-11 Series 10, Initial production JT8D-1 then also JT8D-1A/-1B/-5/-7/-7A/-7B/-9/-11/-17, MGTOW 77,700lb (later to 85,700lb); all converted to -14. DC-9-12 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 79,500lb, later 85,700lb; all converted to -14 DC-9-13 […]

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Boeing 727 version codes

Never built variants in italics. 727-100 Basic Model Passenger Service 727-100C Convertible Cargo door on left side of front fuse. Passenger/cargo or mixed load possible. Reconfiguration in about two hours. 727-100QC Quick Change Same as 727C but with palletized interior fittings, allowing reconfiguration in less than 30 minutes. 727-100M Military Military version of the 727C […]

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Boeing 707 and C/KC/RC-135 version codes

Never built variants in italics. Military variants listed are new build only. All other variants are conversions of existing airframes. 367-80 Prototype Test Bed. 127’10” length. 130′ span. 11′ fuselage width. Prototype for both the 707 (civilian) and KC-135 (military) variants and narrower in cross section than both the production lines. 707-120 Basic 145’1″ length. […]

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Airbus Version Codes

1st digit : version 2nd digit : engine manufacturer 0 = General Electric 1 = CFM International 2 = Pratt and Whitney 3 = IAE (International Aero Engines) 4 = Rolls Royce 6 = Alliance (for the A380) 3rd digit : engine type (depends on the aircraft model) Note that this nomenclature does NOT apply […]

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