Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Version Codes

L(Lockheed) 1011 (model) 385 (something to do with the design number) 1(subtype, 1 for standard body, 3 for the 500) 14 (version, not on Tristar 1 or 500, 11=Tristar 50, 14=100/150, 15=200) 193A (customer code, 193A=Eastern, 193B=Eastern 193C= British Airways, 193E=Air Canada, 193K=Court Line, 193R=LTU, etc).

L-1011-1: basic model, with RB 211-22B, max gross weight was 430,000 lbs
L-1011-100: max gross weight 466,000 lbs, allowed center section fuel tanks
L-1011-200: same as -100, but had RB 211-524 engines
L-1011-500: long range version subtracted 13′ of fuselage, added 9′ to wingspan

With regards to the -385: “In addition to the dash numbers, you may see numbers such as L-1011-385-1, which refer to the FEderal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification designation for a particular model L-1011. These numbers include 385-1, 385-1-14, 385-1-15, and 385-3“. (Source:  L-1011 Airliner Tech Series book)

Just to throw one more wrench into this, 3 designations that never got built:

L1011-385-8M, DC-10-30 competitor, never got built, pity…
L1011-385-4 Tristar 600, Twin Engine
L1011-385-9C, sometimes called L1011-700, L1011 for mid-80s introduction with FBW, GE/RR/PW engine options, winglets on some drawings… Lockheed MD-11 competitor. design never progressed beyond drawing board, killed with L1011 program in early 80s.

Thank you to Tom at MSY for his extensive contribution to this page.

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