Boeing 727 version codes

Never built variants in italics.

727-100 Basic Model Passenger Service
727-100C Convertible Cargo door on left side of front fuse. Passenger/cargo or mixed load possible. Reconfiguration in about two hours.
727-100QC Quick Change Same as 727C but with palletized interior fittings, allowing reconfiguration in less than 30 minutes.
727-100M Military Military version of the 727C with possible roles as Assault, staff and command transport, tanker, medevac and carrier onboard delivery(!)
727-100VIP VIP Executive jet variant
727-200 Stretch Passenger Service. Stretched by 20 feet.
727BJ Business Jet Not an official designation, but widely used. Can refer to both the -100 and the -200
Advanced 727-200 Advanced model Increased take off weight. Higher thrust engines. 50% greater range. Lower noise signature, This was the standard version after 1972.
727-200F Freighter Pure freighter version.
727UDF UnDucted Fan Not an official designation. Test bed for the GE UDF programme
727-300 Further Stretch 220 inch stretch of the -200 for passenger service with modified wing, bogie main gear and wide fan engines. Cancelled in favor of the 757.
727-100QF Quiet Freighter Not an official designation. UPS reengined variant of the -100.

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