DC-9/MD-80 version codes

McDonnell Douglas nomenclature referred to aircraft families within a type as “Series”. For example, “Series 10”. Within the series were specific versions.

DC-9-11 Series 10, Initial production JT8D-1 then also JT8D-1A/-1B/-5/-7/-7A/-7B/-9/-11/-17, MGTOW 77,700lb (later to 85,700lb); all converted to -14.
DC-9-12 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 79,500lb, later 85,700lb; all converted to -14
DC-9-13 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 85,700lb; none built
DC-9-14 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 87,500lb, later 90,700lb
DC-9-14 (F) Series 10. Conversion. Freighter conversion of -14 with Side Cargo Door
DC-9-15 Series 10 JT8D-1, later -7, MGTOW 90,700
DC-9-15 (F) Series 10, Conversion Feeighter conversion of -15 with Side Cargo Door
DC-9-15F Series 10 Freighter with SCD; JT8D-7, MGTOW 90,700lb
DC-9-15F (MC) Series 10 Minimum Change (DAC: -15MC), -15F with folding seats
DC-9-15F (RC) Series 10 Rapid Change (DAC: -15RC), -15F with seats on pallets
DC-9-21 Series 20 Special version for SAS with Series 10 fuselage and Series 30 wings.
DC-9-31 Series 30 Stretched and rewinged. originally JT8D-9-powered and MTOW 121,000lb; later JT8D-15 or -17.
DC-9-32 Series 30 Originally JT8D-7-powered and MTOW 108,000lb; later JT8D-9, -15 (15,500lb) or -17 and MTOW 110,000lb.
DC-9-32CF Series 30 Same MGTOW as -32 and powered by either JT8D-9 or -11.
DC-9-32AF Series 30 Probably same specs as -32CF.
DC-9-33 Series 30 Originally JT8D-9-powered with MTOW 114,000lb; later JT8D-11 (15,000lb).
DC-9-34 Series 30 Originally JT8D-9-powered withMTOW 121,000lb; later JT8D-15 or -17.
DC-9-41 Series 40 Further stretch.
DC-9-51 Series 50 Final stretch of the “original” DC-9
DC-9-81 (MD-81) Series 80, Initial production Relaunched and revamped DC-9. Stretched. JT8D-217C
DC-9-82 (MD-82) Series 80 Development of the -81 with higher MTOW and longer range. JT8D-217C or JT8D-219
DC-9-83 (MD-83) Series 80 Final development of the Series 80 with further increased MTOW and longer range. JT8D-219
DC-9-87 (MD-87) Series 80 Shrink of the Series 80. JT8D-217C
MD-88 Custom build for Delta with the Series 80 fuselage and wings coupled with the MD-90 avionics.
MD-90-30 The last McD airliner. A further development of the DC-9.
Boeing 717 Originated in the MD-95 program but completely revamped after the Boeing acquisition of McD.

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